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This questionnaire will serve as basic information for the selection of an appropriate type and performance of the heat pump. Choice answers with a cross mark or add a numeric value.

Heat pump to be used for (mark more than one)
kWh/year or m3/year (LTO, propane)
The heating system
NameExistingThe planned
underfloor heating 43/38 °C
radiators 55/45 °C
radiators 90/70 °C
other (please specify):
Bivalent (optional) heat source
NameExistingThe planed
additional power
storage tank
boiler to propane
natural gas boiler
boiler to wood
other (please specify):
The average water temperature in the system at the current heating during the heating season


Considered the heat pump (system gain of heat)
To save the collector heat pump available to me

m2 land

I want to use a heat pump to heat the water in the pool with these parameters
use pool
volume of water in the poo m3
the pool area m2
desired water temperature in the pool °C
Your suggestions and comments

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Thank you for interest in heat pump. As soon as possible we will quote you and propose a technical solution that would be ideal for you and appropriate.


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